How to Detox from THC

Cleanse and Remove THC from your system

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How to Flush THC from Your Body

Flush THC from Your Body

Before I talk about how to flush THC out of your system, I’m going to tell you one crazy way on flushing THC out of your body that I found from searching.

There is a lot of talk of people saying you can flush THC from your body with vinegar and water. I have heard people say that it does work, and then there are people who say the method does not work. There is even a Wiki Answer about detoxing THC from your body with a crazy vinegar and water method.

I won’t link to it, but if you do a good search on google you can find it. I’ll describe what it says on how to flush THC from your system in 72 hours.

That method says you have to drink a mixture of half vinegar and half water. It says to drink 1 liter of this half water half vinegar every half hour to remove THC out of your system. Now, this sounds like an extreme method. Also, that sounds like it is going to cost a lot of money to drink half a liter of vinegar every half hour. Note that these instructions say you have to do this for the entire 3 day THC flush. It does also say to drink 3 gatorades throughout the day in order to replace electrolytes from your body that are lost from the constant flushing of vinegar and water rushing through your body. Next it goes on by saying you need to park your car at noon and in the middle of the sun. The next surprising bit of information for his THC cleanse is…..sit in the car for 2 and a half straight hours to sweat out the THC. I do not know, but I think there are better ways to flush THC out of your system than sitting in your car. I can not tell you whether or not this works. I am guessing the only person who would do this is someone with a home THC test, because who would try this method if they were getting tested for THC at work? Also, even if someone was trying to test that method for fun with a home THC test, 3 days of drinking vinegar and water, exercising like hell, and sweating in a car for 2 1/2 hours does not sound tempting.

A different way to flush THC from your body is to drink 1 liter of water every hour, and follow through by drinking half a liter of cranberry juice after every 4 hours. To help flush the THC out of your body, you can still do two of the things from that crazy THC flush method: Exercise and Sweat. The THC is stored in your fat cells, blood, urine, and hair. The hair you can’t do anything about, but you can get a special shampoo that will remove the THC. Exercising will help remove the THC from your system by sweating out the toxins and burning fat cells. Now if you eat a lot of food throughout the day, that isn’t going to help burn your fat cells. It will only burn up the calories you had from eating. The water and cranberry juice will help remove the THC from your blood and urine. Do this every day for 5 days, but each day you can slow down on the water and cranberry juice intake.

How to Flush THC from Your Body


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